Major League Baseball Players Association’s Social Media

 By PR Turner

Dave Winfield becomes the first Hall of Fame player to be added to the roster of MLBPA’s latest reach into social media, Infield Chatter.  The player-centric app that was released to the public on April 16th.  This is the Players Association’s effort to consolidate individual MLB players, their names, faces, brands, stories and followers onto one social media platform, to put forth a positive message and relate to fans on a more personal basis.

The players have been desiring to possess an easier method to communicate directly and more personally with fans, on a greater scale, and to avoid what is called the “trolls”, the negative user or responder imbedded with the other social media platforms.

To date, over 1,000 major league roster players have signed on to Infield Chatter, and Major League Baseball Players are the first sports or celebrity group of this size to introduce an interactive platform such as this. Tony Clark, Executive Director of MLBPA was recently quoted on a Fox Sports Television interview saying, “Infield Chatter is a siloed, content driven, baseball focused area of engagement with the players that allows for a deeper level of conversation between players and fans”.

Dave Winfield said, “From my vantage point, I’ve used social media for a number of years now, with platforms including, Twitter, FaceBook and obviously with my own website  By joining the current players on Infield Chatter through my Twitter account, I see this as another opportunity to express my views and share more specific baseball information with fans”.  He went on to say, “I’m excited about joining the team with the current, younger  players, because amongst players who have ever worn a Major League Baseball uniform, we’re all in the same unique club”.

He concluded, “With Infield Chatter I’ll look to do things a little differently though.  I expect to share more photos, videos, which will be kind of new to me, and I’ll engage in live chats with fans.  Of course I’ll look forward to expanding my own followers by combining my efforts with the other guys”.

Robust, current content will be on the site, Q & A sessions will be available on a regular basis, and fans can win player’s gear and unique player hosted experiences.  Dave Winfield will engage fans with his first 30-minute live chat on Infield Chatter Tuesday, May 9th at 3:00 PM PST from Los Angeles, California.

Fans can download the free App at Infield Chatter from their Apple store, or Android or Google Play by going to