Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new addition to the website where I will answer some of the questions I get asked quite often.

question qHow do you feel about the use of data and analytics in baseball today?

Answer AThere’s a lot to this however, I used science as a strategy to improve the level and consistency of my personal performance and career, without the use of computers. Today MLB clubs use data scientists to project and measure just about everything. There is a place and use for much of this, in balance with taking into account the individual athlete.

question qWhat has been the best move for you in 2018?

Answer ATo order a home delivery meal service 3 days a week when I’m home. I may cook many of the same dishes as usual, but everything tastes different with the different condiments and ingredients; then by adding photos of the meal, instructions and prepackaged proportions is a fantastic deal. No waste either.

question qI’ve heard you comment on the benefits of intellect and education in sports and life, any comment on that?

Answer AThe best ways to improve your performance in games, but more importantly your station in life, I recommend that you READ, TRAVEL and MEET NEW PEOPLE

question qDo you still have your foundation? If so, what does it do, and what city do you operate out of?

Answer AI no longer have my own non-profit operating foundation. I was probably the first professional athlete to create one. I ran the Winfield Foundation for 22 years. We focused on sports, health & education, the three things that helped me succeed in life. Most of this activity was in and around the cities I played baseball in. I taught many others to carry the torch after me as I spent more and more time raising my own kids. I now do much to help others succeed in their charitable efforts.


question qWhat do you do for fitness now that you no longer play baseball?

Answer AI’ve stayed a member of a health club here in Los Angeles for over 20 years. The same place I used when I played. The facility has all the components including personnel, machines, information, steam room and massage. The things I need to try and maintain a healthy body & lifestyle.


question qCan I write to you and receive an autographed item?

Answer AThe answer is not really. I do not have an address for people to write and receive a response from me because the requests would be overwhelming and would not stop. I do make appearances at shows throughout the year so be aware of those times and places. Thanks for asking though.


question qWhat MLB Player was helpful to you in your playing days?

Answer AWillie McCovey was a player I admired from afar, and then he joined the Padres and became my teammate. He ended up being a great friend and mentor to me as he shared his time, experiences and contacts. I emulated the way he handled himself on and off the field, in good times and bad. I will always be thankful to Big Mac #44


question qI’ve heard Derek Jeter say you were his role model, how did that happen?

Answer AMy visibility and play with the Yankees in the 1980’s influenced him from afar. I then met him in Rookie Career Development seminar, then I met his family at Yankee events, and we all became close. You live your life and you never know whom you influence (good or bad). I’m just happy and honored to have helped make a difference in the life of someone like Derek, who played the game of baseball right, but more importantly is a positive role model to so many others.


question qAre you a techie or geek?

Answer AI am familiar with most technology that is out there, but I do not try to be on the cutting edge of everything. I tell my friends, you become the beta tester and when the bugs are worked out I’ll join in. My advice to you is you can/will become too enamored by the latest and greatest every waking hour, your productivity as well as relationships can well suffer.


question qYou are now working with the Major League Baseball Players Association, what do they do?

Answer ASince 1966 the MLBPA is the official representative of all Major League Baseball online Players in collective bargaining with MLB, serving the membership by defending, advancing their workplace rights and protecting the interest and benefits of the players, from the time they sign their first MLB contract to and through retirement; that’s 750 guys per year on the basic rosters, and 1,200 on the 40 man rosters.


question qI see that you’ve either written or co-written a number of books, are you planning on writing any more books soon?

Answer AGreat question. My interest and passion out of college was communications, in all forms; writing, speaking, television and radio have all become important parts of my second career (after baseball). So, the answer is YES. I’ve nearly completed what I will probably introduce as an EBook; it’s a combination of business, sports and life lessons. It will be out pretty soon. People also push for my second edition of my autobiography, since the first doesn’t cover my entire career. We will see.