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  • Yogi honored as players go to B.A.T. for their own

    NEW YORK -- Everyone who made this day necessary gave Yogi Berra a prolonged standing ovation as the 87-year-old guest of honor was finally introduced Tuesday night at the Marriott Marquis.

    Then there was a hush of anticipation as the Yankees legend who won more World Series rings (10) than any other player began speaking into the microphone. After an evening of so many classic stories told about him by his peers and so many Yogi-isms recalled, No. 8 said:

    "It's sure great to be here, and it's an honor. Baseball has been all my life, and it still is. I love baseball. And I still watch it. I watch it anytime I get a chance to on TV. If I can get to a ballgame any day, I go to it. I love baseball and thank you very much for all being here tonight."

    And it still is.