This short story isn’t about young boxers in the squared circle, it’s about the Gold Glove Award ceremony to be held Friday, November 13th in New York City, honoring Major League Baseball’s best defenders for the year 2015.  Gold Gloves are voted on by the coaches and managers of both the American and National League, and given to those they believe to be the best defensive fielders at each position.

They are given to guys that sling the leather, fly through the air with the greatest of ease, make the Sports Center Top 10 List for the day, week or month. Those who can “pick it”, gobble up those bad hops on the throws to first, the guys who take the crow hop in the outfield as they make the catch, then send a laser beam one-hopper to the catcher to tag out the runner as he tries to advance or score.

In my humble regard I still have some issues with outfielders catching the ball one-handed on the wrong side of their body on the sac fly. Nevertheless, they still excel at their craft.  So once again I’ve agreed to be one of the presenters at this year’s Rawlings Gold Glove Awards at the Plaza Hotel.

IMG_2634-2As the Adviser to the Executive Director of the Players Association, this gives me another reason to remain close to our members, and it’s always good to do so around an honor and recognition like this.  This year you can expect to see some new faces as well as some return members to the club.  If you’ve never seen a Gold Glove up close I’ll show you a couple of mine in my library.

So, my best to the group of guys who’ll win this year, as they will have done yeoman work.  The Gold Glove one of those awards they want to be remembered for when their playing days are over, it shows you could play both sides of the game.

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