Press Release

IMG_4415Amazon Kindle will begin to offer the new ebook “Winning it All”, Inning by Inning, by National Baseball Hall of Famer and Best Selling author Dave Winfield. See the book on Amazon HERE.

For those that are seeking a way to reach their full potential in business, sports or personal improvement, Dave Winfield, a man with a unique, broad and diverse background in sports, business and life offers this new ebook as his own take or guide to educate, motivate and inspire others to become all they can be. He offers very personal stories, learned on the biggest stages, under the brightest lights, and under the toughest competition in the world, in an effort to help people handle their own life challenges.

In “Winning it All” Winfield outlines challenges and experiences that helped him develop his character and path to success. He draws on those experiences both on and off the field, across the generations, from a unique perspective, offered through the lens of a baseball player with numerous teachers, mentors and relationships across different industries. He uses nine innings in baseball as chapter titles, and extra innings for various references to your contract, veterans, becoming an All Star player, Comeback Player of the Year, scouting reports, the World Series, post season play, leading your own Hall of Fame life, etc.

Whether you are a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, an athlete striving to be the best you can be, a student or a parent there is something here for you. Particularly unique admissions from Winfield regarding his own take on life being “A Game, a Science & Business”; understanding “The 5 Levels from Aspiration to Achievement”; “How to become your own Best Coach”; and his very personal “40 Reasons for Strength” that he’s used to pull himself through life’s many knock-down pitches.

There are many people who have written substantial books on personal improvement. “Winning it All” is not a lengthy academic treatise in that area, and Dave certainly believes in and stresses personal improvement and continuous learning through life. “Winning it All” is short, to the point, and a very personal offering by Dave Winfield on how he’s made things work for himself and his family, and he hopes to prepare you, the reader for their own next phase or season of life. It’s a book that will also supply smiles and laughs, and should be inspirational and transformational for readers.

About the Author: Dave Winfield is one of the preeminent athletes of our generation, the only athlete drafted in three professional sports (NFL, NBA & MLB) out of college, a 22-year Hall of Fame Baseball career, a champion and leader in multiple sports at the University of Minnesota, and in professional baseball, experiencing success in business, as a speaker to colleges and Fortune 500 companies, a longtime communicator on radio, television at (FOX and ESPN), in print as a contributor to national publications and as a New York Times best selling author, and a pioneer and leader in philanthropic efforts by professional athletes.